Indian Pricing Trend Analysis on Trucks

Categories: Automotive, Automotive and Transport, Commercial Vehicles, Trucks

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The Truck segment is a major segment in the Commercial Vehicle category. This report provides the pricing, discounts and dealer margin trends in the last couple of years, as well as the latest labor cost in the Truck segment. We have done pricing analysis on more than 1,000 Truck variants. This exclusive Truck report will give you in depth analysis on all aspects of pricing. It will be helpful for devising pricing strategies, product positioning’s, new product launches etc. There is a gradual increment in pricing. Some OEM’s are giving heavy discounts and on the other hand some OEM’s are not giving any. Some OEM’s are increasing pricing two to three times a year and some of them did not increase in the last three years.

The top selling products are having less discounts compared to other products. It is also interesting to know how some of the aggregates changes impact on the pricing decisions of the products. Trucks discount also depend on market conditions and the competition scenario.

Table of Contents

Price theory
Historical Pricing trend
Segment wise
Model wise
All variants
Change in pricing

Customers segmentation
Retail customers
Large fleet owners
Behavior & Psychology
Special application vehicles
End customer price
Govt/Institutional sales
Dealer price/ margin

Spare Parts Price
Genuine parts price
Secondary market price
Parts life analysis

Labor Charges
Labor charges
- Authorized dealers
- Authorized Service
- Local Garage

Price Strategy
OEM pricing model
Competitive analysis
Other factors

Price on product changes
End customer price
Govt/Institutional sales
Dealer price/ margin