MENA Rail 2013 Report

Categories: Automotive and Transport, Rail

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The MENA Rail Report 2013 provides you with information on the entire sector, from existing infrastructure to projects under execution and projects planned. It also details which countries have the most ambitious plans and the entities that will be leading the projects.

A major boom in rail projects is happening in the Middle East and North Africa region, with more than $150bn of projects planned or underway. These include metro projects in Egypt, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, high-speed passenger links in Morocco and Iran.

An update to the hugely successful 2011 edition, the MENA Rail 2013 report details existing rail infrastructure in each country and also provides an outlook for spending on rail projects. It is a must for anyone looking to be involved in this fastest-growing sector. The research report analyses the challenges facing the rail sector and the financing methods being used for rail projects across the region.

In addition to the exclusive forecast for projects spending, the research report also ranks and profiles the key clients. Through this comprehensive report you will gain insight to:

- Exclusive outlook for spending on rail infrastructure
- Forecasts for more than $150bn of projects planned or underway
- Proprietary client rankings
- Details on upcoming projects and schedules
- Key opportunities, challenges and much more

Save time and investment on research and analysis. Gather exclusive data on the MENA rail projects market through this in-depth examinatio

Table of Contents

1. Foreword

2. Executive summary

3. Introduction

4. The Gulf
4.1 Bahrain
4.1.1 Mainline
4.1.2 Metro/light rail
4.2 Iran
4.2.1 Mainline
4.2.2 Metro/Monorail
4.3 Iraq
4.3.1 Mainline
4.3.2 Metro/light rail
4.4 Kuwait
4.4.1 Mainline
4.4.2 Metro/light rail
4.5 Oman
4.5.1 Mainline
4.6 Qatar
4.6.1 Mainline
4.6.2 Metro/light rail
4.6.3 Other light rail schemes
4.7 Saudi Arabia
4.7.1 Mainline
4.7.2 Haramain high-speed rail project
4.7.3 North-South line
4.7.4 Jubail Railway network
4.7.5 Saudi Landbridge
4.7.6 Other lines
4.7.7 Metro/light rail
4.7.8 Jeddah metro
4.7.9 Mecca metro
4.7.10 Mecca light rail system
4.7.11 Riyadh monorail
4.8 UAE
4.8.1 Mainline
4.8.2 Metro/light rail
4.9 Yemen
4.9.1 Mainline
4.9.2 Yemen-Djibouti Causeway

5. The Levant
5.1 Jordan
5.1.1 Mainline
5.1.2 Metro/light rail
5.2 Lebanon
5.3 Syria
5.3.1 Mainline
5.3.2 Metro/light rail
5.4 Gaza/West Bank
5.4.1 Mainline
5.4.2 Metro/light rail

6. North Africa
6.1 Algeria
6.1.1 Mainline
6.1.2 Metro/light rail
6.2 Egypt
6.2.1 Mainline railway
6.2.2 Cairo metro
6.2.3 Future lines
6.2.4 Challenges
6.2.5 Heliopolis tram
6.3 Libya
6.3.1 Mainline
6.3.2 Metro/light rail
6.4 Mauritania
6.5 Morocco
6.5.1 Mainline
6.5.2 TGV Maroc high-speed line
6.5.3 Financing the project
6.5.4 Further projects
6.5.5 Metro/light rail
6.6 Sudan
6.6.1 Mainline
6.6.2 Political stability
6.7 Tunisia
6.7.1 Mainline
6.7.2 Metro/light rail
6.8 Western Sahara